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May 25 , 2006:
Our thoughts and warm condolences are with Premal and Smoker's Haven at the passing of the gregarious "Captain" Jack. He'll be sorely missed.

That round tin, that tall canister, that earthy note that speaks of ease and refinement - it can only be Sobranie!

Future plans include

* House of Sobranie historical info
* Various incarnations of the Sobranie blends * Methods of identifying dates and blenders
* Commentary and reviews by experts and readers.
* Fun stuff like wallpapers for your desktop or palmtop computer.

Have any suggestions?
Looking to sell your Sobranie?


NY Summer Pipe Show & Pipe Spectacular - June 3, 2006!

The NY Summer Pipe Show will be held at the Ramada Inn at 550 Rt 1&9 South in Newark on Saturday June 3rd.

Concerned about NJ's new smoking bans? Have nofear - we're free to pipe in the conference room, as before. However, smoking in the lobby is now prohibited.

Doors open at 10:00am. Admission is $5.

For tickets or information, contact:
Rich Esserman
238 Aycrigg Avenue
Unit D
Passaic, NJ 07055

New tobacco? Try This!

Purely by accident, we at BS.com discovered the Magic Basement. (Okay, it's not the basement that's magic, but it sure seems that way.)
We opened various sealed tins of English-style tobaccos and placed the contents into quart-sized glass Bell jars (available at most large grocery stores.) Since the tobaccos were coming right out of the tin, no moisturization method was employed.

Wait 2 or 3 weeks. Like a fine wine, they need some mingling. Don't open, but shake the jars around so the tobaccos break up and re-blend. Let them sit another 2 or 3 weeks. Shake them loose and open the jar.

We found this worked wonders on the new Dunhill Nightcap - it brings forward the latakia to what Nightcap *should* be, and mildly tames the bittery-tart bite of the Perique.

This also worked a magnificent transformation on Bennington Tobaccos "Knightsbridge" blend, resulting in a deep rich English quite similar to Dunhill's 965 or Paul Olsen's My Own Blend 7000.


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